Frequently Asked Questions

Neighborhood Rallies

What is a neighborhood food truck rally?

The community comes out and feasts on different food from around the world. Neighbors meet neighbors, kids play, and pets frolic. People bring blankets, tables, chairs, and games. People connect with community resources, enjoy a DJ at some hoods and bouncy houses at other events. There are a lot of ways to add an event theme to food truck rallies but not necessary.

This is a scheduled, monthly food truck rally in your neighborhood!

How do I know if our neighborhood can support a food truck rally?

If you have 400+ homes in your community, approximately 100-150 people will attend.

How many trucks come out?

Depending on the size of your neighborhood we will send 2-4 savory trucks and a sweet truck. Always different food! You might have a Mexican food truck, Meatballs, and a BBQ truck then top it off with cupcakes, ice cream and so on…

What time is service?


When do the trucks come?

Truck rallies run  Monday-Thursday, May-August

How often do they come to our community?

One time or two times per month. For example, trucks come on the first and third Wed each month, May-Aug.

What is the neighborhood host responsible for?

They are responsible for marketing the events, being the day of event contact for weather and ensuring that there is adequate parking.

What does this cost?

Nothing! Unlike other events in communities ie. Pool opening, movie nights etc.. These events usually require a minimum sales expectation for the trucks.

What does Hand to Mouth do?

We book the trucks for the season, find replacements when necessary, maintain good communication with the trucks and communities.